Linux Mastery: Master The Linux Command Line In 11.5 Hours

    What you’ll learn

    • Quickly Learn the Linux Command Line from Scratch!
    • Use Bash Scripts and Cron Scheduling Software to Automate Boring Tasks!
    • Become an Independent User of the Linux Operating System!
    • Learn how to Search for, Customise, Install and Manage Open Source Software with Package Managers!
    • Operate a Linux Computer Entirely from the Command Line!
    • Gain a Complete Understanding of Linux & fill in any existing knowledge gaps!


    • We Start from Scratch so no previous experience required!
    • This Course is targeted Primarily at Beginners, So if you have more than a few years Linux experience, this course might not be for you.


    ========================= TESTIMONIALS ===============================

    Best course on Linux on Udemy so far, I definitely do recommend” — Patrik B ★★★★★

    This course is incredible! Ziyad is enthusiastic as a teacher and really gets the material across in a way that anyone could understand it. I was intimidated about learning the Linux Terminal, but this course made it easy. Thanks Ziyad!”  – Thomas K ★★★★★

    “Thanks Ziyad you become my favorite instructor ever…. I love his teaching style, motivation and energy throughout the course. He breaks thick concepts in smaller pieces and with the examplesmake it so easy to understand.   Shahid Z ★★★★★

    “Very ThoroughStep by Step is necessary for this beginner. Excellent so far!!!” – Micheal W ★★★★★


    Hello and welcome to the Linux Mastery Course where you are going to master the Linux command linein a project-based and unforgettable way.

    This course has been expertly crafted to make sure that you rapidly improve your Linux skills, Turbocharge your productivity and Boost your career with no time wasting and no useless fluff.

    Course Structure

    • Topic 1) Mastering the Linux TerminalUnderstand the How AND Why of the Linux Command Line

    If you want true mastery, it’s not enough to learn how to do something. You need to understand why.

    In this section, you will learn what Linux commands are, and how they are structured so that you can get valuable insight into how working with the Linux command line works, rather than just memorising command after command after command like other Linux courses will make you do.

    You will learn important concepts such as:
    • The difference between the Linux terminal and the shell
    • Command Input and Output
    • Data Redirection.
    • Connecting Linux Commands together to Build Sophisticated Data Pipelines.

    And so many other useful concepts that will give you the fundamental skills to confidently use the command line to accomplish anything you want.

    This course also focuses on empowering you to be an independent learner of the Linux operating system so you will also learn how to use the Linux Manual.

    Knowing how to use the Linux manual will give you the independence to do what you want to do, rather than just what other people have shown you.

    • Topic 2) Mastering the Linux File SystemIncrease Productivity by Working with Files from the Linux Command Line

    Once you’ve become a master of the Linux terminal and understood the critical concepts behind what you’re doing, you will then move on to gain mastery over the Linux File System.

    Working with Files is what we do 99% of the time when we work with computers and in this section you will learn how to navigate the file system from the command line and perform a whole bunch of tasks with files and folders such as:
    • How to Create files and folders in Linux
    • How to Delete files and folders in Linux
    • How to Copy and paste files and folders in Linux.
    • How to Move and Rename files and folders in Linux.
    • How to Find files and Sort data in Linux.
    • How to Backup and Compress files and folders in Linux.

    But you’ll do it all from the Linux command line!

    You will also learn some productivity tips to squeeze every bit of juice out of your command line work as well as getting a tour of the Linux file system so that you feel right at home 🙂

    • Topic 3) Mastering Task Automation and Scheduling  Save time by automating the boring stuff!

    Once you’ve mastered the Linux file system, we will turn our attention to task automation and scheduling.

    Now, if you’re the kind of person who loves to automate tasks and free up your spare time, you will LOVE this section!

    So What are you Waiting For?

    Click that shiny Enroll button and I’ll See you inside 😉

    Who this course is for:

    • Beginners who want to gain a Complete and Practical Understanding of the Linux Operating System and Linux Command Line.
    • People with Previous Linux Experience who Want to Fill in Gaps in their Knowledge.
    • This Course is targeted Primarily at Beginners, So if you have more than a few years Linux experience, this course might not be for you.


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